Empty pier

Cold winter’s day

Grey sky

Grey sea

Grey buildings

Grey seagulls

Scavenging on the sand

Time drifts

Most days the same as others

Surrounded by the sea

How can we touch the moment as it crumbles into dust?

A million fragments

Of memories



And moments

Fairytale of New York will play out forever

From lit up pubs in the darkness of the night

Tbe hiss of waves will fill up my room

Seasons will change

Light will return

We will cycle up mountains

Surrounded by fields and sea

We will spend warm days on warm beaches

Watching worn sunsets

The smell of plants on summer nights

The smell of smoke in cold starlit skies

Where barns owls glide past


Time drifts

All the places

All the people

All the moments

Happening all at once

Are we memory?

Who watches from afar

Grasping at time

As it drifts

through our eyes?

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